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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Crimson Heart, third installment in the Highland Hearts series, heats up the spring whether, with its warming romance and dramatic family excess. 

Searc Munro is the only remaining son of the Munro family, so when his magic is found to be different from the rest of his family's', he keeps it a secret--that is, until an unfortunate event that almost took his father's life occurred, Searc was forced to use his power, ending in him being excluded and leaving the clan. 

On his travels, he helps a damsel in distress and and that is how Searc and Elena's story begins. 

I've no complaints, here. I immensely enjoyed Crimson Heart--as you can tell from the 5/5 star rating, I gave it. The book was well written and you can tell that Heather McCollum knew what direction she wanted to take with it--no surprise, considering this is not her first highland romance novel. Here's my only regret ... Not finding out about her sooner, to get my hands on the first two installment, before reading her latest! (Though, I plan to check them out anyways.) 

The book was written for me. It's all I can ask for in a historical-highland romance. I have read plenty, and only a few, I can say "I have no complaints". There was the perfect balance of romance, mystery, action, and complexity for the characters. From reading the blurb,  you'd guess that the plot would - you'd expect for the protagonists to be over-dramatic and too full of their own pride to admit their in love with the other (nothing surprising), that they end up stretching the chapters, unnecessarily. But, not here. Smooth transition, pace, just the right push and pull to make me sigh in delight! 

The other quality that I loved about Crimson Heart, was the "finding yourself" and "learning to accept yourself" aspect of it. Searc struggle to accept that his power or magic is of good, so he distance himself from his family and home, and same goes for Elena. We, (readers) learn along with them that in order to find happiness, we must first learn to love ourselves, and I think that it's a great message, sent out in a fun way. 

And there's not much to comment about the characters, than, that they are brilliant! All of them played a part in making this novel special, yes, even the villains. Read Crimson Heart, and "meet" the characters your self. McCollum, will win you over with her tasteful writing. 
To: Heather McCollum,

The little bit at the end of the book, on ovarian cancer, - I was taken back in a good way, its SO nice that you are trying to help others by raising awareness of ovarian cancer.
Crimson Heart (book # 3) Series: Highland Hearts
by Heather McCollum    Publisher: Entangled 
Publication Date: June 24th, 2014     Pages: 300 Paperback
Source: Netgalley          ISBN-139781622663613     Genre: Historical romance, fantasy
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